Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh my!

Salam readers...

How are you today?
Everything's fine?

To all readers,
Im so sorry coz i cannot update my blog since monday till today.
I am quite busy right now.
My boss give a lot of work and as a good worker, i have to finish my work as soon as possible.
He give me a due date but i challenge myself to finish it before the date.
Kata nak dapat KPI tinggi for this year... :D

Actually by now i had done the task but kena cantik-cantikkan lagi so that nampak kemas...
By this evening, maybe i can submit it to him.
Terasa berkat pulak gaji bulan ni.... :)

When everything is done, i will update my blog.
Just give me a time. :)


Opsss.... mak terspeaking lagi..
Broken english??


Mimy Hamid said...

terignat liyana jasmay nyanyi..oh my english smbil terlentok auwwwwwwww

Girl Girl said...

hahaha..... oh my english!