Monday, May 11, 2015

My first real love

Salam readers...

Monday, I'm waiting
Tuesday, I'm still waiting to see you
To see, see how you are doing
Wednesday, you still don't come
Nothing in the late morning
Thursday is empty

Whether it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday,
There isn't a day i don't think of you
There won't be a day when you'll come back to revisit our past

The day i met you
The day we became close
The day we held hands
The day i fell in love with you
The day i confessed it
The day that you heard it

Will it be much longer? I just don't know
Will it be several months or another year?
Of the tens of thousands, countless memories we shared
I've never not thought of you

January is endless
February is dull
March is also vague
April I'm restless
May is painful
June is empty..

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Nurul Aini Mohd Noor said...

Suka baca <3 santai dan bersahaja je share. Happy blogging :-)